An Overview of our Workshops & Courses / Ein Überblick über unsere Workshops und Kurse

We offer made-to-order workshops, courses, shows, and more for businesses, schools, and groups! Workshops and Courses are available in English and German. Meet fantastic people, and come play with us!

Contact us to find out more and to organize a course or a workshop!

‣ Improv coaching
‣ Format workshops/courses (Harold, Freeform, Musical etc…)


‣ Teamwork & Communication
‣ Pitching Workshops
‣ Business Leadership
‣ Improvising in Sales
‣ Better Business with Improv
‣ Intro to Improv workshope
‣ Dive into English with Improv
‣ Public Speaking with Improv


‣ Intro to Improv workshops
‣ Dive into English with Improv
‣ Teamwork and Communication for Teachers and/or Students
‣ Using Improv in the Classroom for Teachers
Jodi and Tobi 

Jodi Pfleghar (USA/Germany) is the Artistic Director of Bake This, Munich's English improv performance group, the Co-Founder of and teacher at ImproMunichorn School of Improv, and the Assistant Director of Munich's international improv festival, Improvember. ----- Tobias Zettelmeier ist Geschäftsführer des bühnenpolka Improvisationstheater, Vorstand der Improvember und jetzt auch fester Bestand des ImproMunichorn.

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