Sarah Hübner

Sarah Hübner is a passionate theatre practitioner and educator. She has been teaching theatre workshops to people of all ages and in many different contexts since 2000. Over the past seven years, she has focused on theatre improvisation in performance, and improvisation techniques to enhance teaching, learning and communication. Over the past 16 years, Sarah has toured with her own theatre companies in Europe and has worked on interdisciplinary projects with different artist networks. She is also a co-founder and performer of Munich’s successful English-speaking theatre improvisation group, Bake This. In a three-year stint in China (2014-2017), she founded Suzhou’s first improvisation group Channel 21, and collaborated with Shanghai’s theatre improvisation group Zmack. As part of her profession as a teacher in Secondary Education, she has facilitated a range of applied improvisation theatre workshops at educational conferences, schools and festivals in Europe and Asia.

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